Baking Party

Get your kids to bake their own birthday cake!

This works well with a group of 4-6 kids and any age from 6 to teenagers.  It generally takes about one and a half hours from start to finish.   

It's more than just cake though...  Think 'pizza party' where your teens learn to make pizza from scratch, dough and all - and gain some cooking skills in the process.  It's a party plan that can be customised to you.  And you can be as involved as you want, or kick back and have a cup of tea while it's all going on in your kitchen.

Part of the process is a 15 minute consultation to customise the party to your needs.  This would preferably be at least 1 week prior to the party to allow time to order any special items, ingredients, cake tin hire or other unique requirements for your party.

for more information, or to enquire about availability please email me: