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Sarah & Duck (QUACK!)

posted Mar 2, 2016, 1:02 AM by Amie Ridley
This would make more sense of course once you've seen Sarah & Duck... (QUACK!)

Sarah & Duck is a lovely little animated series, originally played on BBC in the UK.  The Wikipedia page is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_%26_Duck with a lovely picture of Sarah, and said Duck.

Why has a children's animated series made it into my favourite things?


It's lovely.  No really, it is just a lovely little whimsical series about a girl called Sarah, and her pet Duck.  Duck doesn't talk, and Sarah talks to the narrator.  The cast of characters is wonderfully eccentric, and I think the only things my girls might have 'learnt' from Series 1 is what shallots and octagons are! 

So it's not a 'teaching' cartoon.

But what is it?  


It sort of defies description really, mostly because when I tried many times to type out a description, it begins to sound a little bonkers.  But it's not crazy, make your head spin, don't quite get it, bonkers.

It's not a 'mad cap crazy surrealist' cartoon either.

But there is a talking bag, a yarn tree (I so want one of those, in fact I want to BE Scarf Lady some days...), a boy with a pet flamingo who is afraid of stairs, neighbours who communicate by waving ribbons, a talking moon (and planets)...  And my favourite episode is where they find Christmas lights growing in a secret cave.  Yeah, like I said - Whimsy.  Gentle, beautiful, whimsy!

We have only seen Series 1 so far in New Zealand (it is currently available on both Lightbox and Netflix in New Zealand).  And my girls have watched it multiple times.  As have I...  There are picture books too, but this is one of those very rare times when the screen version is better.  I am looking forward to the next series and will be sitting down to watch it with the girls.  

Oh, and I will be finding some pink striped fleece to make a zip up hoodie as well.  Possibly for Miss 6, or just maybe for me!