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About Fidget Crafts

Hi - my name is Amie, and WELCOME to my slow blog - I saw the phrase recently and thought that was a bit of me.  We are always pottering around in the real world, occasionally I remember to take photos, and eventually the most interesting (I hope) will end up here!

I love books, crafts, and encouraging other people to have a go at new things.  I am a full time stay at home mum to 2 lovely girls, and yet I still don't know how other people find the time to blog!  I think it's just that I'd much rather be crocheting (or painting, or cutting things up, or other assorted craft activities...) and I'm old ahead of my time in that I just can't be bothered learning new tech any more (once again, would rather learn a new stitch, how to knit etc).

So enjoy our page, hopefully it will inspire you to try a new book or craft - they are good for the soul.