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I am now selling quite a few items that I make, in various places.  So this is kind of a photo gallery with links to the shops where you can buy each item.  Most of these are online stores, although I am also starting to do markets where I tend to sell smaller items and take orders.  

For more information please email me at   
Apple Hat

Newborn size, fully merino beanie.  

These hats are doing double duty, warming the heads of little babies and fundraising for World Vision.  How?  The profits from each hat sold are given to World Vision, thanks to our friends at

To find out more, or to purchase one of these very cute (I am biased) hats, head on over to

Flower Pixie Hat

Baby size, fully merino.  Available with Blue, Red or Purple flowers.  Other colours by request...

These hats are also for sale over at and they are also fundraising for World Vision.  

The flowers and leaves are very much free form on these so each hat is unique.  Please feel free to custom order a hat if you have a preferred colour; there are more pastel pinks and blues, or bright orange, or aqua blue...

Play Fruit and Vegetables: Apples & Pear

These crocheted toys are a lovely addition to a play kitchen, or would even be fun in a fruit bowl on a table.  

Made from Cotton/Acrylic blend to cope with many hours of play (prototypes have been WELL tested at our house, they have even endured a washing by my diligent toddler...)

This set consists of 1 apple with a leaf, 1 apple without a leaf, and 1 pear. They are sold in a paper bag, as though they have come from the green grocers.  The fruit is made to a standard size, but does vary slightly in the shaping and details.  

These are available from

Play Fruit and Vegetables: Aubergine & Chillies

This is one of my personal favourite items I have created - A toy aubergine (or eggplant if you prefer)!  Crocheted from a Cotton/Acrylic blend to be durable for play.  

This set consists of 1 aubergine, 3 red chillies and 2 green chillies.  As per all the fruit and veg, they are a standard size but vary slightly in the shaping and details.

Yes that is a toddler face in side of shot but it was also the best photo of the chillies...

These are also available from

Play Fruit and Vegetables: Lemons & Limes

A set of 3 lemons and 2 limes - crocheted in Cotton/Acrylic blend.

These sets are very consistent as they have minimal shaping.  

Also come in a paper bag,

Also available from