"Betty Bunny Wants Everything" - Michael Kaplan (illustrated by Stephane Jorisch)

posted Jan 26, 2015, 10:34 PM by Amie Ridley

“Betty Bunny was a handful”.  Actually, Betty Bunny was the reason I really wanted to start a list of books that we enjoyed reading.  I knew most of the classic children's books and authors from my own childhood (both my parents trained as teachers) but new discoveries are very exciting, and Betty Bunny is a delightful new find for our family.

There are currently 4 Betty Bunny books, initially picked out at the library because of the fun illustrations.  Miss 4 is a lover of animals and any book with friendly looking animals is a bit of a winner for her.  But the delight for her father and I was the character of Betty Bunny herself, who is indeed a handful, but also very creative and determined.  She seemed somehow so familiar…

And this is now why I am finding it a bit hard to write more about these books.  Because I have a theory, that if someone tells you something is funny, it reduces the funniness of the thing (that’s why all those emails stating “THIS IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER” are often not, unless you are tired, and viewing it with friends, which increases the funny factor...wow, I got well sidetracked there)!  

As parents we are generally quite tired and were reading this aloud together in the lounge, maybe that’s why we found it so funny.  Or maybe its because they each have a lesson in them, but not the “smack you about the face with the bleedin’ obvious” kind of lessons that I am quite allergic to.  Or maybe it’s just because the characters are very familiar in a reassuring way - they are not perfect, Betty doesn’t unquestioningly take aboard the lesson, sarcastic teenage brother Bill is also quite funny.  

And if you are getting the impression that we as parents enjoyed these books more than our daughter, you may possibly be right.  But because she liked the pictures, and we were enjoying them and laughing she thought they were pretty good too.  After all, reading together is not about education, top grades and must do’s.  It should always, always be about enjoying books together.