Neon Straws Bunting

posted Dec 8, 2014, 11:33 PM by Amie Ridley   [ updated Dec 8, 2014, 11:34 PM ]
So first up - this is completely inspired by the "DIY Straw Building Set" in the excellent book: "101 kids activities that are the bestest, funnest ever!" (by Holly Homer & Rachel Miller of  I got the book out of the library because it had a really fun title, and it was so fun inside the book that I bought it!  There will probably be a few more posts inspired by this book, but I digress...

In the book there are these really fun geometric building shapes that you can make with straws and tape.  Cheap, easy, and heaps of fun.  Provided you don't get carried away and then get into an argument with a 4 y/o about how to build some complex structure.  It does happen - I am a bit embarrassed to say - because we are quite similar in out grandiose plans/stubborn ways.

So I modified the process slightly by using PVA glue instead of tape to get a cleaner finish (cleaner in the finished product sense, NOT the process sense).  Commence photos:
Materials: plastic bendy straws, PVA glue

The basic idea is that you are inserting the short end of the straw into the longer end of another straw, to create triangles.  I found it easier to insert the straws into each other by folding the end slightly, as in the second photo.  I then dipped the end into the glue and inserted it into the next straw.  

Try it - it's suprisingly addictive!

Anyway, instead of using individual triangles to make fun shapes (we had previously done quite a lot of this.  But I have no photos of the shapes we made before they were 'played with' by Miss 1!) I made them into a triangle chain:

This built up and up into a relatively stable but messy pile on the couch beside me!  

PVA does take time to dry, but the straws fit pretty snug so it was relatively stable and not too difficult to move.  Plus it has the advantage of being very light.  I ended up using one and a half packets of straws, which looked like a lot.  But I have discovered that bunting is always deceptively shorter than you think...

So when I actually put it up it ended up running down only half our fence.

So tip of the month: always, ALWAYS, have more bunting than you think you will need!

But also nobody cares when they are eating yummy food, and there is a giant block wall and pavement chalk at hand!