posted Apr 2, 2015, 1:57 PM by Amie Ridley   [ updated Jan 25, 2016, 11:43 PM ]
Late for the Southern Summer but some inspiration for next year maybe, we have a watermelon themed post with a recipe, a small crochet motif, and general fun.  

Watermelon Granita

This couldn't have been easier, and came about due to my oldest daughter's dislike of eating watermelon. Sometimes it's the form and not the flavour that kids object to, so in an attempt to change the form I did this:

Chop up watermelon flesh (pips and all) and liquify in batches with a stick blender.  Strain into a jug to remove unwanted bits.

For the granita, pour into an old tray (or disposable tray - you have to scratch it with a fork later) and pop into the freezer until, um, frozen.

To serve, scrape up delicious, coral coloured ice and serve.  And like all great kids treats, a paper umbrella just made it more fun!

You can also put the liquid into ice block molds and have lovely watermelon ice blocks.  This is what we did with our second melon as 1 melon does make quite a lot of granita!

Happy Summer Fun!

Watermelon Motif

I was very inspired by the tropical fruit trend last summer and got busy with these little watermelon slices, which I have turned into earrings and mini bunting (mini bunting seems to have been an obsession of mine last year).

So here's the quick little crochet pattern:

I used Paton Cotton Blend in #24 Fresh Green and #26 Coral and a 4.25mm hook

With coral wool, chain 4
6 double crochet (UK triple) into 4th chain from hook, turn
Chain 3, 1 double into same stitch, 2 double into each of the next 5 stitches, 2 double into chain 3 of previous row, joining the green with the last stitch.
Alternatively you could fasten off the coral and join the green directly to the next row.
You should now be working the green - for a tighter curve, 1 single crochet all the way around (the earrings use this pattern), for a looser curve alternate 1 single and 2 single in each stitch (see the mini bunting)

More Happy Summer Fun! The mini bunting number cheers up or pantry year round.

A couple of other projects with the same melon theme:

Hama Bead Watermelon Slice

My daughter has taken to Hama Beads with extreme enthusiasm this week and produced this lovely little slice of summer.  These can be turned into dinky little key rings, fridge magnets, coasters or even jewellery.  I tend to do the fixings for her, and she also made me a pair of Licorice All Sorts earrings that I have been wearing around too.

Watermelon Softie

This one I free formed and did not write down the pattern.  But it was basically a circle that I folded in half, and crocheted closed with a crescent shape.  It was a Christmas present for my one year old and brightens up her reading corner.

I do remember that I used a double thickness of DK cotton/acrylic blend (I find that the cotton/acrylic blend wears well for toys).  And the pips are buttons that are very, VERY, well sewn on.  

And I nearly forgot (well I did forget, but came back and edited...)

Watermelon Mini Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball 

Thanks to Dedri Uys for posting this lovely pattern.  I was intrigued by a book I had got out from the library of Crochet Puzzle Balls and found this mini one which I thought would be a great start.

Now I am a moderately experienced crocheter (I think) and I had a little bit of a swear while making the first complete section!  But the next section was easier, and by the time I was onto the third section I was convinced that I would make many more of these as gifts, and possibly to sell on www.acraftyidea.org (a very exciting initiative starting soon...)

So I simply made mine in watermelon colours, and sewed little pips on after I had completed each section.  Miss 1 seems very happy with it.  That's her trying to steal it off the table while I quickly take photos!

So I hope that brings a little freshness to your day, and inspires you to get a little fruity too!